"No matter whether you are self-published or traditional, seasoned vet or newbie, you must read this book! It’s just as valuable to own as your dictionary, thesaurus and Manual of Style (S&W or Chicago)." N.N. Light

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"I wish I’d had Navigating Indieworld when I was a self-publishing rookie. Every writer who starts down the rocky road to indie publication faces the same basic set of problems, some of which, at that moment, seem insurmountable. An informative and gracefully written guidebook can be a big help in picking your way around the obstacles. This one covers the entire process." John Pearce 

"These ladies talk from pure experience, the lessons they have learned, in this finely tuned compacted guide, which takes you from start to finish. They are basically gifting you with a short cut to overcome all the struggles that they have dealt with along the road to success. Not only is it a tremendously resourceful guide, but it is written in a special genuine tone that keeps you highly entertained, smiling and even laughing." Jen L.

"This book is full of resources. Everything an indie will need from editing advice to cover design resources to ways to get reviews. This is your one-stop-shopping for everything you need to know. Not only is this book well written and by two experts in the field, but it's fun, snappy and easy to follow. The little marketing tips here will serve an author for a long time. And the veteran author will find it just as helpful as a newbie. Everyone can benefit from a book like this which is written from the heart after trials and tribulations. These authors have been through it all and seen so much. Take their advice so you find the successes and not all the headaches." Sarah

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